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‘How to Get Away With Murder’: Charlie Weber Talks WTF Fan Theories

Actor talks betrayal, murder and Sandals Resorts in our latest exclusive ‘Fan Theory Exploder’ video

One of the more recent additions to the kingdom of TV queen Shonda Rhimes, How to Get Away With Murder follows a quintet of pre-law students score a prestigious internship with power lawyer Annalise Keating (viva Viola Davis!). Soon, they find themselves entwined in a web of secrecy and murder. Annalise’s closest ally and confidante is her underling Frank Delfino, portrayed by Charlie Weber — at least, he was until the end of the second season, when she learned of a certain past betrayal and Frank skipped town with a money-packed suitcase. Though his character’s on the lam, Weber still had time to stop by Rolling Stone‘s offices for a round of Fan Theory Exploder.

The first submission predicts that “the Keating Five will realize that Frank is essentially a super villain fixer, and will be pitted against him.” “That’s interesting,” he says. “I can see that being a likely thing. Frank’s on the run, we all know what he’s capable of. People should be rightfully worried about him being in the shadows.”

Another fan supposes that “Frank will get over his guilt and spend the suitcase of cash on an all-inclusive vacation at Sandals Resort and Spa.” Stifling a laugh, Weber accepts his new life of leisure at face value. “I don’t know who you’ve spoken to, I don’t know where you got that information, but that is absolutely what happens,” he deadpans. “Sorry to ruin Season Three for you.”

Other sillier possibilities include Annalise transitioning into teaching the literally-named course “How to Not Murder People” (“That one I can assure you is not happening,” confirms Weber) and the so-called Keating Five deciding that all the life-or-death business really isn’t worth the college credit and switching to a liberal arts curriculum. “I’ve always wondered when they study,” he muses. “They’re too busy causing mayhem. Liberal arts, though … I don’t know what they’re gonna do with that.”

The final theory teases, “the body count will rise so high that the writers of Game of Thrones will call it ‘excessive.'” Weber can’t honestly deny that, either. “That’s possible too. As long as Frank is a part of the show, that’s a feasible theory. That’s good.”


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