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Fans to Decide if Kevin Smith’s ‘Hollyweed’ Series Gets Greenlight

New Rivit TV platform lets viewers choose what goes into production

Kevin SmithAOL Build Speaker Series, New York, USA - 02 May 2018Kevin SmithAOL Build Speaker Series, New York, USA - 02 May 2018

Fans will decide if Kevin Smith's 'Hollyweed' will get a full season via Rivit TV.

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Kevin Smith‘s comedy series, Hollyweed, may or may not see a full season, depending on how fans value it. As Variety reports, the filmmaker-actor has teamed with Rivit TV to release the show’s pilot and its fate is up to how those who watch it vote.

Rivit TV will stream pilots for free on its website from established film and show creators such as Smith, whose Hollyweed pilot is the first Rivit TV is featuring. Viewers then have less than two months to determine whether the show is worthy of a certain per-episode price (ranging from $1.99 to $5.99) to finish the season. “The higher the price point chosen, the fewer the amount of people who are needed to greenlight the season. More people participating lowers the price and everyone is charged the same lowest price,” Rivit TV outlined in a statement. “The season is greenlit at the end of the 45-day timeframe, or when the price-per-episode reaches $1.99. Only then are credit cards charged. There is no charge if the season is not greenlit.”

Smith filmed the pilot for Holllyweed “nearly three years ago,” but he said it didn’t have any takers via traditional means.

“Cut to now, and we get to bring it back to life. Thanks to the good folks at Rivit TV, we raised it from the dead, it’s crazy,” Smith said in a statement. “Rivit TV was smart enough to take this show and leave it up to my fans.”

The half-hour show is set in a Los Angeles pot dispensary and follows two stoners, Smith and Chappelle’s Show‘s Donnell Rawlings, as they traverse the highs and lows of managing a small business “in their quest for profits and the perfect bud.” As he detailed in the Rivit TV show description, “It wasn’t at all groundbreaking, but it was fun to make: essentially, it was CLERKS in a weed store, with Donnell Rawlings and me as the middle-aged knuckleheads behind the counter.”

Written and directed by Smith, who also serves as showrunner, Hollyweed also stars Adam Brody, Jason Mewes and Ralph Garman. Hollyweed‘s pilot debuted on Wednesday, kicking off its 45-day greenlight countdown.

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