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Dylan Farrow Hopes ‘Time’s Up’ Movement Will Affect Woody Allen

“In order for things to meaningfully change, they need to change unequivocally,” she tweets four years after Allen won Cecil B. DeMille at Golden Globes

Dylan Farrow Hopes 'Time's Up' Movement Will Affect Woody AllenDylan Farrow Hopes 'Time's Up' Movement Will Affect Woody Allen

"In order for things to meaningfully change, they need to change unequivocally," Dylan Farrow tweets.

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Thematically, much of Sunday night’s Golden Globes was devoted to calling out sexual misconduct in Hollywood, but Dylan Farrow, who has spoken for years about her alleged abuse at the hands of her father, Woody Allen, didn’t think it was quite enough.

“Advocating for ‘every victim’ in the abstract is great for illustration,” she tweeted following the awards ceremony, during which many men and women wore black and sported “Time’s Up” pins in support of the movement. “In practice, each victim is a real person with a story that may be inconvenient and require sacrifice to stand with them. If Hollywood isn’t prepared to do that, they shouldn’t try to lead this movement.”

In the hours leading up to the awards show, Farrow took to Twitter to express her disappointment with how little has changed in the four years since she first penned an open letter in response to Allen’s being honored with the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement.

“It’s #GoldenGlobes Sunday,” she began a long series of tweets. “Four years ago, at the Globes in 2014, Woody Allen was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. Four years ago I decided enough was enough and wrote an open letter detailing the abuse I sustained at the hands of Woody Allen.”

“I thought it would make a difference. I thought things would change,” she continued. “I learned quickly (and painfully) that my optimism was misplaced. His time wasn’t up. Today, four years later, it is Globes Sunday again and many, if not most, will be wearing black on the red carpet in solidarity with the #TIMESUP movement. They will stand against sexual harassment and abuse in their industry and all others. Good. I stand with them. #metoo.”

Here, Farrow argued, was the hypocrisy in the movement, which she had also called out in an op-ed for The Los Angeles Times in December, titled “Why has the #MeToo revolution spared Woody Allen?”

“But I have to wonder – is time really up now? Is this really the turning point? I have no doubt it can be,” she wrote. “I have no doubt the time is right. But in order for things to meaningfully change, they need to change unequivocally. No predator should be spared by virtue of their ‘talent’ or ‘creativity’ or ‘genius.’ No rock should be left unturned. The principles of the movement need to be applied consistently and without exemption.”

“I will be watching tonight with a very different feeling than I had at this time four years ago,” she continued. “I will watch with optimism, with hope, and with the firm belief that there is a brighter future ahead. And I will watch to see if now, finally, time is up for my predator too.”

Farrow’s disappointment Sunday night about Hollywood’s inability to completely denounce Allen was further exemplified by Greta Gerwig’s non-response to a question about her work with the famed director.

Following her win for Best Motion Picture, Gerwig was asked by a reporter about whether she regretted her decision to work with Allen back in 2012. A visibly flustered Gerwig deflected the question, instead focusing on her achievement.

“Well, you know, I’m so thrilled to be here tonight as a writer and director and creator, and to be making my own movies and putting that forth,” she said, adding, “You know, it’s something that I’ve thought deeply about, and I haven’t had an opportunity to have an in-depth discussion where I come down on one side or the other.”

Allen has long denied allegations made by Farrow and her mother, Allen’s ex Mia Farrow, about sexual misconduct in the past.

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