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See Conan Unsurprisingly Find No One Who Supports Sale to U.S. in Greenland

American fast food, The Fast and the Furious franchise and cheese-filled pizza crusts prove unconvincing

Conan O’Brien headed to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, under the guise of aiding President Trump in his desire to purchase the autonomous Danish territory — never mind that the country is not for sale. On Tuesday, the host unveiled his arrival during his TBS special Conan Without Borders from Greenland, where he unsurprisingly discovered that no one he encountered supported becoming a part of the United States.

“Hi, I’m here to buy your country,” O’Brien said as he introduced himself to people as he arrived at the airport. Later, he asked his tour guide if she was excited about the prospect of Greenland being bought by the U.S. “No,” she firmly responded, adding jokingly, “You’re all fat.” The tour included a look at the city’s rugged golf course and a visit to its only hotel, where workers there were equally not thrilled about any sale to the U.S. O’Brien tried to woo the hotel staff with the promise of the “good fast food in America” and the possibility of eating American blubber (“land-based blubber is not good,” one hotel worker quipped), but he failed to change their minds.

His other tactics — telling folks the U.S. invented cheese-filled pizza crust and it’s the home of The Fast and the Furious movies — also proved unpersuasive to those he met. Finally, he ran into someone he thought might be in favor of the sale: a guy wearing a Make America Great Again hat. However, as it turned out, the guy was wearing the cap ironically. O’Brien asked him if he supported the president. “No,” the man said. “But I would like to thank him for all the publicity he’s given Greenland.”

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