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Stephen Colbert: Trump’s Would/Wouldn’t Flip Worthy of ‘Lying Hall of Fame’

“You either accept it was Russia or say it was other people. You can’t do both,” host says on ‘Late Show’

Stephen Colbert mocked Donald Trump's "would/wouldn't" flap after the president sided with Russia over his own intelligence community.

Stephen Colbert mocked President Trump after he sided with Russia over his own intelligence community in a joint press conference.

“One day after his disastrous summit with Vladimir Putin, it is starting to dawn on some people: Trump may be a bad president,” Colbert said to open his Late Show monologue.

“Even Trump officials are embarrassed by his Putin show. Now they’re embarrassed? ‘Look, I was with him with the Nazis and separating children, but the Ruskies? They killed Apollo Creed.'”

Trump attempted to backpedal from his Russia comments during a Tuesday meeting with Republican leaders at the White House, where the president would be “inducted into the Lying Hall of Fame,” Colbert said.

After lying about his meeting with the Queen of England and his discussions with NATO – “A warm-up lie,” Colbert said – Trump tackled what Colbert called the president’s “public betrayal of the intelligence community,” with Trump even screwing up the apology by saying “a lot of people out there” could’ve interfered with the 2016 election.

“No! You shanked even that! You either accept it was Russia or say it was other people. You can’t do both,” Colbert said.

However, the biggest lie in Trump’s Tuesday prepared statement was the supposed “would/wouldn’t” flub, with the president stating he used the wrong word when remarking on Russia’s role in hacking the U.S.

“Yes, the sentence should have been that. It was not that,” “But then again who among us hasn’t said the exact opposite of what he just said in front of cameras on multiple occasions. I’m sorry, let me clarify: That sentence should be ‘Who among has not not done that?’ If you can just add a new word in, what’s next?”

As Trump clarified at the meeting, he should have said, “I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be Russia… Sort of a double negative.” “Yes, a double negative like ‘Donald’ and ‘Trump,'” Colbert said.


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