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Arnold Schwarzenegger Spoofs QVC, ‘Predator’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Former governor has no patience for blenders when it’s time to ‘get to the chopper!’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is truly a renaissance man: Bodybuilder, actor, politician, salesman and disconcertingly passionate foodie. Schwarzenegger stopped by The Tonight Show Monday night to promote his latest movie Sabotage, but host Jimmy Fallon mentioned he could’ve sworn he saw the former California governor hocking two food prep products on a late-night QVC show. “It could be,” Schwarzenegger replied. “It maybe sounds weird, but if I see a product that I really love, I really get into it, I really get behind it, I want it to be successful!” Fallon noted he seemed really into one product in particular, and luckily he’d “dug up” a clip too.

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Donning an ill-fitting blonde wig, Fallon played the nervous host of “Now We’re Cookin’ with Zach Striker” showing off the myriad features of the indestructible Vitamix blender – though it was the “Slap Chop” vegetable slicer and dicer that immediately caught Schwarzenegger’s eye. “I think we all know this is a blender,” Schwarzenegger says after Fallon raves about the Vitamix. “Let’s get to the chopper!”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a bit. For every new feature on the blender Fallon discusses, Schwarzenegger offers an even more vehement “Let’s get to the chopper!” – referencing his famous line from Predator – until finally he can’t take waiting anymore and flips over the table.

And after a shook Fallon sends “Now We’re Cooking” to commercial, for good measure Schwarzenegger even threw in a nice: “I’ll be back!”


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