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Aaron Paul Shows Off Hidden Talent on ‘Kimmel’

‘Breaking Bad’ star guesses the gender of dogs

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Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where he got the chance to show off his non-acting, non-meth cooking talents on the “Celebrity Hidden Talent Show.” Paul explained that since he was a kid, he’s been able to tell the gender of a dog just by petting it on the back, and to prove it, he strapped on a blindfold, swore on the life of Jessie Pinkman’s ex-girlfriend’s son Brock that he had no prior knowledge of the dogs’ sex and got down to petting some super adorable pups. Cue a can’t-believe-no-one-had-thought-of-this-yet way to work in Pinkman’s unofficial catchphrase: “Bitch!” After correctly identifying three female dogs as such, Paul went four for four when he got to a Boston terrier and declared, “This one’s got balls, bitch!” Classic Pinkman.


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