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15 Leaked Ads to Watch Before Super Bowl LIII

From the Dude and Carrie Bradshaw to Bob Dylan and Cardi B, here’s a rundown of the commercials created to get you hyped during the Big Game

super bowl commercials

Forget the political controversies, forget Tom Brady, and even forget about the game of football itself. Ahead of Super Bowl LIII’s Pats-Rams matchup, turn your focus to one thing and one thing only: commercials. Like a capitalist Santa Claus, it’s that most wonderful time of year when the public at large is treated (tricked?) with a host of shiny new advertisements meant to catch your attention, all in the name of revving up spending power and increasing valuable brand cache.

We luckily won’t have to wait until the Big Game to see the biggest stars in 2019’s biggest spots, with many of the biggest brands leaking their ads ahead of time. (Because why wouldn’t they want to extend the lifetime of a commercial they paid a whopping 5.2 million bucks per 30 seconds of airtime for?) Tag your friends, text your family and tweet your favorites: Here are 15 of Super Bowl 2019’s most notable leaked spots.

super bowl commercials


This ad’s got everything: Forest Whitaker! Harrison Ford! Abbi and Ilana from Broad City! A Queen song! Astronauts! Effectively promoting the continuing reign of the ubiquitous Alexa, Amazon nailed everything on a classic Super Bowl spot checklist — from celebrity cameos to doggy humor. The entire extravaganza is what happens when you’re one of America’s largest companies and have the nation’s collective money to burn. Alexa, play this commercial again…

super bowl commercials


Sparkling water fans, you are in for a treat! Pepsi is preparing a push during the third quarter of Super Bowl LIII with this spot highlighting Bubly, their line of the bubbly stuff. And who did they get to help raise the beverage’s awareness? None other than your mom’s favorite crooner, Michael Bublé himself. As such, you can bet your can the ad consists of a cute little back-and-forth between the pronunciation of Bublé (boo-blay) and Bubly (bub-lee). Moms across the country are just gonna love it.

super bowl commercials


The iconic singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is known for many things. He was a legendary force in American music and arguably the face of Sixties culture. He transformed folk and rock & roll as we know it. He’s as winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. And now, he helps sell beer. Albeit, in a beautifully-shot Budweiser ad meant to promote the fact they use wind power. But now American hero Bob Dylan is selling beer, nonetheless.

super bowl commercials


You know that feeling when you’re swiping on Bumble for 20 minutes and no one matches with you, so you start to question your self-worth? This commercial for the application aims to convey a different feeling than that. Starring the tour de force that is Serena Williams, Bumble’s Big Game ad is meant to be an empowering look at taking chances, and almost gives you the courage to hop back on Bumble and live your best life… Almost.

super bowl commercials

Stella Artois

It’s a mashup for the generations. Combining two of culture’s most popular characters, Sarah Jessica Parker revives her Sex and the City alter ego Carrie Bradshaw and Jeff Bridges brings The Big Lebowski’s the Dude back to life in this unique spot that will have two rabid fan bases salivating. The cherry on top has to be when the unlikely pair interact at the end, with the entire affair just begging for something longer. Would it be too much to ask for a Sex and the Lebowski movie? Take all of our money, please.

super bowl commercials


What happens in a Pepsi commercial when a hapless diner patron orders a, gasp, Coke?! Cue the likes of Steve Carrell and Cardi B in this 60-second spot for the soft drink behemoth that will probably get you to chuckle at least once, or at the very least, dance for a split second to Cardi’s earworm hit “I Like It.” The most perplexing aspect of the affair, however, is a one word cameo by the rapper Lil Jon who belts out a trademark “Okaaaay!” It’s 2005 all over again.

super bowl commercials


Speaking of the cola wars, Coca-Cola went in a slightly different direction for their Super spot. Void of dumb jokes and “OK!” cameos courtesy of Lil Jon, the soda monster opted for a more harmonious approach, concocting an Andy Warhol-inspired cartoon (with blessing by the iconic artist’s foundation) and pushing the positive narratives that say (and I’m paraphrasing): Hey, people different, isn’t that nice? And also, drink Coke. Who doesn’t love a little dash of positivity, even if it is meant to sell carbonated sugar-syrup water?

super bowl commercials


Let’s try to figure out the most unique aspect of this wild commercial for everyone’s favorite big game snack. Is it the fact they somehow convinced Chance the Rapper to not only appear, but spit a few bars? Or is it that Doritos also invited the Backstreet Boys to join in on the fun and belt out their trademark “I Want It That Way”? Or, is it that both Chance and BSB team up for a collaboration for the ages? All to sell spicy chips? It’s official, folks: We are living in a simulation.

super bowl commercials


Keeping stock of your receipts for expensing purposes is a boring task, so kudos to the ad mavens behind this Expensify spot for making it look kinda, sorta fun? Recruiting the rapper 2 Chainz and the comedic stylings of Adam Scott, the commercial positions Scott as a “record label finance” guy who is looking to keep 2 Chainz’s pricey video financially kosher. In fact, much like our wish for a Jessica Parker/ Bridges movie, can we humbly request a Chainz/Scott buddy action flick while we’re at it? Get cracking, Hollywood.

super bowl commercials


The world is a little better with more Jason Bateman in it, and thankfully Hyundai is giving us just that. In his role as an elevator attendant, Bateman takes us on a tour of uncomfortable situations no one would want to be in, from attending a vegan dinner party (sorry, vegans!) to getting a root canal. The point of it all is they’re somehow trying to say that shopping for a Hyundai is better or something, but who really cares? We’re treated to Bateman’s dry sense of humor for 60 seconds, and that’s just fine with us.

super bowl commercials


Christina Applegate and M&Ms are two sweet national treasures, so it stands to reason they’d combine forces in this amusing commercial designed for the launch of an M&Ms candy bar. Sure, the mere idea of Applegate becoming infuriated by a few rambunctious chocolates is childish and silly — and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Michelob Ultra

Robots are pretty badass, right? That’s the concept behind this ad for your uncle’s favorite light beer, Michelob Ultra. Showcasing some oddly muscular-looking robots doing everything from running around to playing golf, the ad proves that, while robots will soon take over the human race and probably make us our slaves, they can’t drink beer. It’s science.

super bowl commercials


It’s a dark and stormy night… and Olay is trying to sell America skincare products. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Olay’s Super spot will seems poised to be one of the funniest and most unique of the game thanks to the strange juxtaposition of a skincare ad, which is typically glossy and chic, coupled with a horror film. Good on Olay for thinking out of the box (bottle?).

super bowl commercials


Remember those cute Planters commercials that starred a cartoon Mr. Peanut and showcased the proper gentleman’s class and poise? Well, Mr. Peanut is evidently on something in this commercial for the snack company, showcasing him driving like hellfire and coming across none other than Charlie Sheen and Alex Rodriguez along the way. It’s as total rebrand for the character and it’s all kind of… nuts. (Rolling Stone assumes no creative responsibility for that terrible joke.)

super bowl commercials


Oh, right. The Super Bowl is all about football, after all, and here to remind us is Tony Romo. Despite the fact the iconic Cowboy retired in 2016, he makes an appearance during this year’s Big Game in this futuristic Skechers ad. For Romo, the spot has to be bittersweet: Despite never having made it to the Super Bowl as a player, he’s now in an ad. So to any NFL players dreaming if their big day — when all else fails, you can always sell some sneakers during the game’s commercial break.

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