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Saturday Night Specials: 15 Great Female ‘SNL’ Hosts

From Britney Spears to Betty White, we pay tribute to the ladies who’ve made the most of hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

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"Women…they're just not funny." So we're officially done with this ridiculous argument now, yes? After Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Golden Globes performances, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus making the HBO's Veep a must-see political satire, and new Rolling Stone cover star Melissa McCarthy parlaying her impeccable timing, her way with a foul-mouthed insult and her gonzo physical shtick into a bona fide movie-star career, we can finally put the misbegotten, misogynistic notion that estrogen somehow negates comedic chops behind us now, right? Great.

Melissa McCarthy: Fearless and Funny on the Cover of Rolling Stone

Nowhere has the myth about female comedians being an oxy-moronic term been debunked more than Saturday Night Live, which has long offered ladies a chance to crack wise and crack people up. (Granted, women of color haven't always had it quite as easy cast-member-wise, though the show is working on it.) In fact, McCarthy's SNL hosting duties have gone a long way towards establishing her as a comic force to be reckoned with. So in honor of the Bridesmaids star's cover story, we're highlighting 15 other female hosts who've done wonders with the gig. Some are ex-Not Ready for Primetime Players, some are comediennes, and some are pop stars or actresses better known for their dramatic skills. All of them, however, have left audiences laughing themselves silly on a late Saturday night.


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