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Rob Sheffield’s Picks for Best TV of 2018 So Far

Surreal sitcoms, psychedelic superhero shows and streaming reality TV – Rob Sheffield on his favorite TV shows at the year’s halfway point

Rob's Best TV of 2018 So Far List

What a strange year for TV as we approach the midway point for, well, a very strange 2018. The last six months have given us surprise hits (Killing Eve), bittersweet goodbyes (The Americans), welcome returns (Queer Eye) and WTF twists like the return of Roseanne … and the crash of Roseanne. It’s already been a year when Rita Moreno cruises past Morgan Freeman as America’s favorite Electric Company alum and a heavily hyped Arrested Development reunion makes the Smashing Pumpkins look like one big happy family. Here, in alphabetical order, are a dozen shows – from sitcoms to surreal superhero shows, reality TV to a really far out docuseries, FX to Netflix –  that have made this first half of 2018 worth watching so far.


‘Silicon Valley’

Alternate title: The Douchebag’s Tale. The HBO comedy’s zany tech bros used to embody the plucky start-up energy of a more optimistic time. But they’re surlier and more paranoid these days, like a lot of people. T.J. Miller was missed for about 30 seconds, but this season is Silicon Valley’s darkest, funniest and best yet – hard to get more timely than a “smart fridge” that eavesdrops on your conversations and reports your data. A round of applause and a Napalm Death riff all around.


‘Wild Wild Country’

A revelatory documentary about a forgotten cult guru: the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who led his commune to rural Oregon in 1978, started an ashram, became a media star, collected dozens of Rolls Royces and went down in a blaze of criminal glory. (His followers poisoned local salad bars in the biggest bioterror attack in U.S. history.) Wild Wild Country has the whole tale in six fascinating chapters. Even if you think you know this story, this doc has more dirt than you could have imagined – I’m obsessed with both the Bhagwan and The Godfather, but I had no idea one of the film producers’ ex-wives was the guru’s secretary. (Wow, the Corleone family really did go legitimate!) A true only-in-America story. God help us all.

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