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Mila Kunis on Meg Griffin’s Most Obscene ‘Family Guy’ Moments

The actress looks back at 15 years of fart jokes and ends the Cool Whip pronunciation debate

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Since the release of last year's Oz: The Great and Powerful, Mila Kunis has kept a low profile, but the 30-year-old actress is ramping things up. As of last Thursday, you can see her every night on ESPN, AMC and at least four other networks as the new face of Jim Beam's Make History campaign (we'll drink to that). But that's just a preview of what's to come this summer. First up is July's  Jupiter Ascending, the dystopian sci-fi thriller directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix). Then comes Hell & Back, a stop-motion animated comedy that sees Kunis trading laughs with Danny McBride, David Koechner and Lance Bass. She'll also get her indie on later this year alongside Peter Dinklage and Robin Williams in The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.

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But long before all of that comes the return of Family Guy on Sunday, March 9th. To date, Kunis has filmed 212 of the series' 224 episodes‚ 23 more than the entire run of That '70s Show. "I've gotten very lucky," she says. "The fan commitment is incredible. And just wait until year's end — my favorite episode of all-time is finally airing. It's so fucking funny: It's literally going to be the greatest episode in television history. Ever." Until then, click through to watch six of Kunis' favorite Family Guy scenes. By Blaine McEvoy

Of Boyfriends and Bullies

Self-conscious Meg, the black sheep of the Griffin tribe, struggles throughout the series with pimples and social anxiety — just your typical teenage headaches, on display here. But in this animated world of the absurd, does that make her the series' most relatable character? "I'd say so," says Kunis. "Years ago, [creator] Seth MacFarlane compared her to cousin Johann on The Munsters. People saw him as the freak, but really he was the most normal one of all. And I think it's the same way with Meg."

Rebel Rebel

This scene, from an episode in which Meg filmed a sex tape, enraged the conservative Parents Television Council, who have placed Family Guy on their annual list of the worst primetime shows for family viewing in 2000, 2005 and 2006 (46 episodes have been cited as their worst show of the week since '05). That left us wondering: Has Kunis received any of that rage in-person? "If anything, I've called parents out," she admits. "They'll scream, 'My kid loves your show!' So I'll ask, 'How old is he?' Then they'll say, 'Nine.' And I'll respond, 'That's too young!' Parents are always sweet in person. But behind a computer screen, they say whatever they want."

Crossover Appeal

Cameos are woven into Family Guy's DNA. Through the years, everyone from the Kool-Aid Man to Sesame Street's Count von Count have made appearances on the show. Still, it's this scene, featuring members of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, that stands out to Kunis. "To me – because I'm a massive Trekkie – Star Trek will always be the best," she says. "I mean, it's even my Halloween costume." Just don't count on a Mila/Uhura crossover. "It's usually mask related," she says about her get-up, "so that I can walk around in the streets." 

The Cool Whip Matter

"Barely Legal," the fifth episode of Season Eight, re-introduced twentysomethings to Cool Whip, that faux-whipped cream childhood staple. The scene at left represents one of Family Guy's greatest viral successes: To date, it's racked up more than 36 million YouTube hits. And like everyone, Kunis has her thoughts on proper pronunciation. "I go 'Cool Wip', minus the H," she says. Despite the clip's ubiquity, the actress never hears its lines quoted back to her. Instead, she gets, "'Shut up, Meg.' That's the number one quote I get on the streets all day long from everything that I've done," says Kunis. "'Shut up, Meg.' All the time. 'Shut up, Meg.' It's been 15 years! 'Shut up, Meg.' All I can do is laugh."

The Mystery of the Hat

Why is Meg's head always covered? The answer appears in this clip, but Kunis adds some insider information. "I was begging Seth to have her take her hat off," she says. "I pleaded, 'Give me one where Meg is not wearing her hat.' So my favorite episode finally came five or six years ago when Meg took it off, became a pop star and wound up sleeping with Jimmy Fallon."

The Pop Heard Round the World

Family Guy has consistently pushed the boundaries of network television, grossing out audiences with shockers like Meg’s exploding pimple, seen here. But does Kunis think any of MacFarlane's gags have gone too far? "Prom night dumpster baby – I was shocked that got on the air," she says. "When we were at the table read, I thought, 'Oh my god, this is so offensively funny. There's no way we are going to get this on the air. And when it did, we were all floored.'" Which begs the question: Is there anything that Family Guy universe that Kunis is still surprised by? "People who have Family Guy tattoos," she admits. "I mean, those are going to be on them forever! And no matter where they are, they're always eager to show me. So I just think, 'That's great. That's real commitment to the show.'"

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