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Here’s Jimmy: The Best of Fallon’s First Month on ‘The Tonight Show’

From ‘History of Rap’ to Will Ferrell ice-skating, we’ve picked our favorite moments from the host’s first month on the job

Jimmy Fallon, 'The Tonight Show'

Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

One month ago, Jimmy Fallon walked out onto the stage of the new Tonight Show set at 30 Rockefeller and officially took over the venerable TV institution. Since then, the former SNL star has continued to do what he does best: reimagine R&B songs as barbershop quartet ditties, riff alongside the members of his house band The Roots, and inspire celebrities to do remarkably silly things they probably wouldn't have done next to Johnny Carson or Jay Leno.

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He's certainly welcomed some heavy-hitting music acts — his first month alone, he's brought on U2, Arcade Fire, Beck, Lady Gaga, and Rick Ross — but we've tuned in primarily to see how Fallon's goofy, enthusiastic sense of after-hours fun would fare on the crown jewel of late-night shows. The answer: like a charm. Here's a handful of the host's best moments from his first month on the Tonight Show. Long may he reign.

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‘You Owe Me $100, Buddy.’

Having finally taken his place behind the royal desk, Fallon thanks everyone for being so supportive before singling out a naysayer: "To my buddy who said I'd never be the host of the Tonight Show — and you know who you are — you owe me $100, buddy." At which point, everyone from Robert De Niro to Lady Gaga walks out and plops down a crisp Benjamin Franklin on his desk. It's a star-studded way to start his tenure; kudos to Stephen Colbert for finding a creative way to pay his bet.

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‘Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing’

Clad in matching nineties-style overalls and Timberlands, Fallon and guest Will Smith demonstrate how hip-hop dancing has changed throughout the ages, tracing the form from the "Dougie" to the 'Twerk." Seriously, who knew Jimmy could do the "MC Hammer" so well?

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His Exclusive Interview with ‘Harry Styles’

For Fallon's second show, he welcomed a very special guest: One Direction singer/heartthrob Harry Styles. Sure enough, once the curtain pulled back, out walked…Kristin Wiig, dressed up as Harry Styles. The Bridesmaids star then spent the next six minutes improvising in character with the host and firing off ridiculous answers to his questions. ("What do you say to your fans when you meet them?" "Heyyyy…") The best part comes when Fallon asks "Harry" what his favorite his food is, and Wiig/Styles replies "Carnitas" — at which point both of them just crack up.

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Will Ferrell’s Ice Skating Routine

You couldn't be blamed for seeing Will Ferrell wearing a skintight (and we do mean skintight) tuxedo with tails on his first Fallon-helmed Tonight Show appearance and thinking, Gosh, it sure was nice of him to dress up! But there's a reason for the comedian's couture: He's going to premiere his new iceskating routine, a tribute to Downton Abbey. The result may make you want to demand that a sequel to Blades of Glory gets a greenlight stat.

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Brian Williams Does ‘Rapper’s Delight’

Fallon used to edit together clips from Brian Williams' newscasts that made the NBC anchor appear to be rapping to Marky Mark and Snoop Dogg songs. This latest clip — in which Williams takes on the classic Sugarhill Gang track — may be the best yet: We always knew that B-Dubs had mad old-school flow. Keep an eye out for an awesome cameo near the end.

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‘History of Rap 5’

You knew you were in for a treat whenever Justin Timberlake would show up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and when he graced the Tonight Show during Fallon's first week, you assumed the host and guest would have something special planned. You would be right: The two grab microphones and launch into the fifth installment of their popular "History of Rap" sing-alongs. Yes, yes, y'all!

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‘The Beatles Were Ahead of Their Time’

The fab Four were responsible for changing pop music, pop culture and, by extension, the world; thanks to some recently unearthed footage that Fallon has come across, however, we're about to find out just how groundbreaking they really were. No sooner have the Beatles finished playing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" on the Ed Sullivan Show than John Lennon (played by Fallon) starts letting crowds now that they can like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and should check out their cross-promotion with Red Bull ("#Redbullgivesyouwings").

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Tina Fey’s “Lip Flip” Slip

The former SNL "Weekend Update" cohorts decide to do a bit in which Fey's lips are superimposed on Fallon's face, and vise versa. ("Lip flip," get it?) Once they try to do a duet of "Endless Love," however, thinsg quickly devolve into one big giggle fit. We'd forgotten how much we loved seeing these two making each other laugh.

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Idina Menzel and the Roots Sing ‘Let It Go’

Jimmy Fallon and the Roots have had a lot of fun playing popular songs on classroom instruments (we didn't even mind their rendition of that killer earworm "Call Me Maybe"), and for their inaugural Tonight Show elementary-school band jam, they've chosen "Let It Go," the Oscar-winning tune from Frozen. With help from Idina Menzel (or if you prefer, Adele Dazeem), the group turned the Broadway-style showstopper into a charming little ditty — albeit one with a huge vocal blast at the end. This was a world away from Menzel's Academy Awards performance, to say the least.

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Ragtime Gals Perform R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition’

Everything sounds better when it's sung by a barbershop quartet, right? Fallon's old-timey a cappella group takes on R. Kelly's remix of his R&B classic, and the gents in the nifty striped jackets certainly give it their full "toot, toot/beep, beep."

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Paul Rudd Kills Dominates the Lip-Sync Battle

Jimmy Fallon had taken on some tough contenders in the lip-sync battles he used to stage on Late Night. But he clearly had never taken on someone on the lip-syncing caliber of Paul Rudd. The comedian started off with a scorching, sultry (and silent) interpretation of Tina Turner's "You Better Be Good to Me" before bringing down the hammer with Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." Rudd had not even finished shaking his ass to the second song before Fallon conceded and declared the Anchorman star the winner.

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Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore Do a Romcom Duet

After Drew Barrymore points out that she seems to make a romanctic comedy with Adam Sandler once every ten years, the host and his guests break into a song that celebrates their admittedly small mutual filmography. Just because the number of collaborations are small, however, doesn't mean their friendship isn't real; when Sandler declares that Barrymore is "the Rob Ford/to my crack cocaine," you know he's not messing around.