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‘Friends’ 10 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

From Central Perk’s couch to Hollywood’s A-list: see what the stars of the hit sitcom have been up to since the show’s finale

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It may be 10 years since the finale of Friends — titled, naturally The Last One — raked in a jaw-dropping 52.5 million viewers, but given the way it lives on in perpetual reruns and pop-cultural references, you'd hardly think it's been that long. In most areas, the show is still airing, on multiple channels, nightly in endless syndication. "The Rachel" haircut is still an accepted term at many salons, despite the fact Jennifer Aniston has since denounced the style as the ugliest style she'd ever seen. To this day, tourists still wander the streets of New York City hoping to stumble upon the infamous Greenwich-located café Central Perk (sorry, it doesn't exist – though there is one in Beijing) where six friends talked about life, love, important things like the difference between a "man bag" and a purse. (For the record: there is no difference, people.)

'Friends': Six Lives on Videotape

While hopes for a reunion show have been dashed time and again, the stars of NBC's sitcom from Stage 24 have not strayed far from Hollywood, all working – though rarely together – in films, television and even Webseries to this very day. So what has the Central Perk Six been up to? We've got some answers for you. By Charles Thorp

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Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green)

Producers originally saw Aniston in the role of Monica Geller; even with hindsight being 20/20, it's clear she was meant to play the silver-spooned cheerleader Rachel Green. Rachel's road to happiness was long and messy, but Aniston herself made success seem easy when, during the final year of the show, she co-starred in the hit comedy Bruce Almighty and the Ben Stiller romcom Along Came Polly.

Of all of the Friends cast, Aniston has come closest to becoming a bona fide A-list movie star. Several high-profile films —and a personal life filled with romantic endeavors with fellow actors — have made her both glossy magazine-cover material and tabloid catnip; despite suffering several flops (The Switch; The Bounty Hunter) , she continues to be considered one of a handful of leading ladies who can help open a movie. In addition to her day job, she has lucrative partnerships with leading beauty products like Aveeno, L'Oreal and Living Proof. Lately, Aniston has been seen going through a bit of a raunch-com career rebirth, starring in more daring films like Horrible Bosses (2011) and We're the Millers (2013).

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