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Boobs, Buds and Brett (Favre): See 15 Leaked Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

Get an early look at the ads you’ll be talking about long after the Big Game is over

Carl's Jr.

Charlotte McKinney stars in the Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial

Aside from all of the talk about DeflategateKaty Perry and who will actually win the game, let's be honest: the most important part of the Super Bowl is the commercials.

From the strange to the funny to the sad – and just about everything in between – advertisements and the Super Bowl go together like Tom Brady and great teeth. In the past, the ads were a surprise, but companies have since gotten smart, and started posting them online before the Big Game in the hopes of drumming up some of that all-important buzz. And to aid them in that endeavor, here's a roundup of some of the best spots that will grace your TV screens this Sunday.


Dove, ‘#RealStrength’

This ad for Dove ticks many of the familiar boxes for a Super Bowl ad, including sentimentalism and cute kids. Sadly, that concoction doesn't always make for a good commercial. Not to mention the fact that it seems endlessly proud of itself for arriving at the conclusion that – gasp! – parenting isn't just for the ladyfolk! #RealStrength? More like #NoShit.


Mercedes-Benz, ‘Fable’

It's got the kind of animation usually reserved for big-budget Pixar flicks, a super-cute retelling of the Aesop fave "The Tortoise and the Hare" and Jon Hamm making puns in the voiceover. What more could you possibly want? A better commercial? Yeah, us too.


Kia, ‘The Perfect Getaway’

Pierce Brosnan is back – but not for another James Bond flick. Instead, he stars in this fun commercial for the Kia Sorento that lampoons his image as the titular British spy. This ad should remind people that Brosnan is actually pretty funny – not, like, Liam Neeson funny, but who is? Hopefully he'll have a Michael Keaton-like resurgence and start doing comedies ASAP.


Newcastle, ‘#BandofBrands’

What happens when you can't afford an ad for the Super Bowl? You ask some friends to chip in! In this amazing spot spoofing the consumerism of the Big Game, Newcastle jams as many product places into one 60-second ad as possible. From Hunt's and Ro-Tel tomatoes to Jockey underwear and McClure's Pickles, Newcastle nails this hilarious ad with flying colors.


Eat24, ‘Hangry’

Snoop Dogg? Check. Gilbert Gottfried? Check? The word "motherfucking"? Check. Eat24, yet another app that simplifies the (apparently very complex) process of ordering food online, combines the two unlikeliest people to ever be friends and comes out Super Bowl magic. When can we expect the inevitable buddy cop movie from these two?