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Boobs, Buds and Brett (Favre): See 15 Leaked Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

Get an early look at the ads you’ll be talking about long after the Big Game is over

Carl's Jr.

Charlotte McKinney stars in the Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial

Aside from all of the talk about DeflategateKaty Perry and who will actually win the game, let's be honest: the most important part of the Super Bowl is the commercials.

From the strange to the funny to the sad – and just about everything in between – advertisements and the Super Bowl go together like Tom Brady and great teeth. In the past, the ads were a surprise, but companies have since gotten smart, and started posting them online before the Big Game in the hopes of drumming up some of that all-important buzz. And to aid them in that endeavor, here's a roundup of some of the best spots that will grace your TV screens this Sunday.


BMW, ‘Newfangled Idea’

If there are two angles Super Bowl advertisers love, it's humor and throwbacks. (Just look at Radio Shack's ode to the '80s last year.) BMW's spot, featuring a 1994 clip from The Today Show, hits both of those targets thanks to Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric's confusion over something called "Internet." But perhaps even more amusing than the actual ad is the fact that when they cut to Gumbel and Couric in present day, now confused about the new BMW, it appears as if they've barely aged.


T-Mobile, ‘#KimsDataStash’

T-Mobile pulled out all of the stops for their Super ad this year – and when we say "all of the stops," we mean that they somehow convinced Kanye West to let Kim Kardashian appear in this peculiar commercial concerning mobile data. On the downside, it's not very funny and we couldn't help but wonder if Kanye was lurking behind the camera entire time, making sure Kim's butt looked just right.


Bud Light, ‘Real Life ‘Pac-Man’

With all of the strife in today's world, everyone can at least agree on one thing: Pac-Man was great. Bud Light is very aware of this fact and tied the classic arcade game into their Super Sunday spot by bringing all of the wonders of Pac-Man to life. While we're sure it was more fun to actually participate in this stunt than watch it unfold, extra points should be awarded to Bud Light for such a clever idea.


Budweiser, ‘2015 Clydesdale Beer Run’

Budweiser rarely disappoints on Super Sunday, thanks to their clever crop of ads. (Case in point – those "Bud-Weis-Er" Frogs!) Fortunately, this year they kept the streak alive with this simple-yet-effective spot that features nothing but a shelf full of beer, an old lady riding a Rascal Scooter and a guy who we can only assume is hallucinating. How else do you explain the horse (or the fact he actually bought Bud Heavy)?


Budweiser, ‘Lost Dog’

When you've got that InBev money, you can afford multiple Super Spots. So here's a third Bud ad, this one a sequel of sorts to last year's popular puppy commercial. And while we have no idea what puppies, horses and the inevitable Mumfordization of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" have to do with drinking beer, all three of those things definitely seem more entertaining while drunk. That's just good advertising.


Lexus, ‘Make Some Noise’

Despite being one of the first companies to post their spot online, Lexus largely lets viewers down with this generic ad for the Lexus NX. Sure, it looks cool, but a commercial shot in a parking garage with some interpretive water-dancing and snappy music does not make for a Super Bowl-caliber commercial. Maybe next year, Lexus.


Wix.com, ‘#ItsThatEasy’

What do you get when you combine Lloyd from Entourage, Brett Favre, a ton of former NFL greats (Terrell Owens, Franco Harris, Emmitt Smith) and some polka music? This ad for Wix.com, of course! One of the many tech companies to be featured on Sunday, Wix scores thanks to the cameos and the clever kicker at the end. "Favre & Carve?" Who wouldn't want to buy cold cuts sliced by a three-time NFL MVP?


Victoria’s Secret, ‘Let the Real Games Begin’

In the midst of all the madness on Super Sunday, this Victoria's Secret spot should serve as a nice respite. It features everything you'd expect from the famed brand, from the sultry models (including Taylor Swift's BFF Karlie Kloss) to a sexy song (Brenda Lee's "I'm in the Mood For Love.") Upon airing, men and women everywhere are sure to drop their nacho chips in stunned amazement, and perhaps even take the spot up on its tagline: "Let the real games begin."


Carl’s Jr., ‘All-Natural’

Now that perennial favorite GoDaddy.com has bailed out of the race for "Most offensive Super Bowl ad," meet the spot that took over the pole position. Once again equating burgers with sex, West Coast cholesterol farm Carl's Jr. gives us the beautiful Charlotte McKinney in her birthday suit, the kind of lame sight gags that would have given Benny Hill pause and (of course) a soundtrack provided by Ted Nugent. Believe it or not, this spot wasn't created by a roomful of 13-year-old boys. Or at least that's what they tell us.


Dove, ‘#RealStrength’

This ad for Dove ticks many of the familiar boxes for a Super Bowl ad, including sentimentalism and cute kids. Sadly, that concoction doesn't always make for a good commercial. Not to mention the fact that it seems endlessly proud of itself for arriving at the conclusion that – gasp! – parenting isn't just for the ladyfolk! #RealStrength? More like #NoShit.


Mercedes-Benz, ‘Fable’

It's got the kind of animation usually reserved for big-budget Pixar flicks, a super-cute retelling of the Aesop fave "The Tortoise and the Hare" and Jon Hamm making puns in the voiceover. What more could you possibly want? A better commercial? Yeah, us too.


Kia, ‘The Perfect Getaway’

Pierce Brosnan is back – but not for another James Bond flick. Instead, he stars in this fun commercial for the Kia Sorento that lampoons his image as the titular British spy. This ad should remind people that Brosnan is actually pretty funny – not, like, Liam Neeson funny, but who is? Hopefully he'll have a Michael Keaton-like resurgence and start doing comedies ASAP.


Newcastle, ‘#BandofBrands’

What happens when you can't afford an ad for the Super Bowl? You ask some friends to chip in! In this amazing spot spoofing the consumerism of the Big Game, Newcastle jams as many product places into one 60-second ad as possible. From Hunt's and Ro-Tel tomatoes to Jockey underwear and McClure's Pickles, Newcastle nails this hilarious ad with flying colors.


Eat24, ‘Hangry’

Snoop Dogg? Check. Gilbert Gottfried? Check? The word "motherfucking"? Check. Eat24, yet another app that simplifies the (apparently very complex) process of ordering food online, combines the two unlikeliest people to ever be friends and comes out Super Bowl magic. When can we expect the inevitable buddy cop movie from these two?

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