Watch Louis C.K. Praise Hillary Clinton, Mothers on 'Conan'

"A mother just does it, she feeds you and teaches you, she protects you, she takes care of shit"

Louis C.K. expressed his excitement over Hillary Clinton possibly becoming the first president who's also a mother on 'Conan' Tuesday.

Louis C.K. offered a sharp and passionate endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Conan Tuesday, saying he was excited America might finally have its first mother as a president.

"It's not about the first woman, it's about the first mom," the comedian told Conan O'Brien. "A mother just does it, she feeds you and teaches you, she protects you, she takes care of shit. We've had 240 years of fathers … and fathers are OK, a great father can give a kid 40 percent of his needs, tops. Any mother, just a shit mother, just a not-even-trying mother? Two-hundred percent."

While C.K. said he had nothing against people voting for Donald Trump, he admitted he wasn't sure the country could take four more years of a man incapable of taking criticism. "What's more important about a president than that you can shit all over them? That's what presidents are for," C.K. cracked. "This guy, every time he's criticized, everything stops and he makes everybody pay – that's not how it works."

On the other hand, C.K. joked that America has basically been hazing Clinton for the past three decades, yet she's continued to fight, rationally, for things like health care and education for children. 

C.K. closed with an impassioned plea to get out the vote, joking, "I think if you vote for Hillary you're a grown-up, if you vote for Trump you're a sucker and if you don't vote for anybody you're an asshole."

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