Watch Steven Soderbergh's Seductive 'Girlfriend Experience' Trailer

Starz's new show takes you deep into the world of high-end escorts

Picking up where 2009's Steven Soderbergh film left off, the new Starz drama 'The Girlfriend Experience' dives into the world of high-end escorts

Steven Soderbergh has always been clear that his retirement from directing features was not going to be a complete withdrawal from filmmaking altogether. Now, the man behind The Knick is back with The Girlfriend Experience, a new Starz show that that finds him revisiting a subject he first explored in his 2009 feature of the same name. 

The first teaser trailer for the series, released Wednesday, plunges back into the gilded world of high-end escorts, where "The Girlfriend Experience" describes any service in which a client books a woman for an extended period of time.

Starting from scratch with a new set of characters, the show begins with a young law student named Christine Reade (Mad Max: Fury Road star Riley Keough), whose life is turned upside down when a classmate (indie stalwart Kate Lyn Sheil) introduces her to a tantalizing new job. "You can be whoever you want to be," her friend promises. Of course — if the trailer is any indication — Christine will soon find that juggling an internship at a law firm and a growing number of emotionally involved clients isn't so easy, and that all of the people she wants to be may not coexist in peace.

Co-created by Clean, Shaven director Lodge Kerrigan and the multi-talented Amy Seimetz (who previously collaborated with Sheil on her directorial debut, Sun Don't Shine), The Girlfriend Experience will run for 13 episodes and premiere on Starz in 2016.