Watch Stephen Colbert on Kid Rock Versus Ted Nugent Michigan Senate Race

'Late Show' host introduces another unhinged Michigan contender, Shrieking Joe, the Saginaw Psycobath

Stephen Colbert considered a possible Michigan senate race between Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, and introduced another unhinged contender.

Stephen Colbert considered the ridiculousness of a possible 2018 Michigan Senate race that included candidates Kid Rock and Ted Nugent on The Late Show Wednesday.

So far, Kid Rock's name has been floated by a Tea Party activist, according to the Detroit Free Press. While Nugent told The Daily Caller he wouldn't rule out running for the state office. Colbert noted that such a race – wholly possible in Trump's America – could be close considering it would "really split the Uncle-who-sells-you-fireworks vote." 

Colbert then introduced another Michigan hard rocker considering a Senate run: Shrieking Joe, the Saginaw Psychopath. During the hilarious bit, the crossbow-toting, fedora-wearing musician (think, Rock in 20 years), hyped a few of his albums: Live From Your Mothers' Panties, Born to Hunt Dolphins and Boobie Messiah. "My platform is simple: I want you to get wet, jump on it – I love sex!"

Shrieking Joe also set himself apart from Kid Rock and Nugent, proclaiming himself the "original American Dumbass." Then he fired off an absurd new rap-rock campaign anthem, complete with an air-guitar solo on his crossbow.