Watch Blood-Spattered, New 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Trailer

Second season to return in the fall

The gory, new 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' trailer has surfaced online.

A bloody new trailer for the second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead, set to premiere in October, debuted Tuesday, though not at San Diego Comic-Con where network Starz had hoped to premiere it. The nearly three-minute clip was deemed too over-the-top for public display. Rapper Kid Cudi posted it to Twitter.

The trailer opens with Ash Williams, the series' sleazy, undead-hating protagonist portrayed by Bruce Campbell, plunging his chainsaw arm into a keg and spraying beer all over spring break revelers in Jacksonville. From there, it's all blood and violence. Williams and his compatriots – splattered in blood – ready themselves for a return to Williams' hometown, where he faces off with and dismembers zombie-like Deadites, as various unseemly bodily fluids spew everywhere. There's a beheading, some disemboweled corpses, a sanded-off face and several other scenes of terror.

"That is horrible ... and also awesome," character Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo) says in one scene as she surveys the carnage. "Which is everything that I do," Williams rejoins.

Even though a collage of entrails is supposedly too graphic for Comic-Con, the festival is nevertheless hosting a world premiere screening of the first episode of season two and a panel with the cast.