Watch Jim Parsons, James Corden's Deadpan 'Dust In the Wind' Spoof

Pair consumed by emotion in Kansas music video parody

Jim Parsons and James Corden are consumed by hair and frills in their absurd recreation of Kansas' "Dust In the Wind" on 'The Late Late Show.'

James Corden and The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons were overcome by emotion, frilly costumes and massive hair recreating the dramatic music video for Kansas' "Dust In the Wind" on The Late Late Show Wednesday.

The hilarious homage to the Bruce Gowers-directed clip found Corden portraying singer Steve Walsh and Parsons as violinist Robby Steinhardt. The pair stood tall in a smoky room harmonizing the classic rock staple alongside two other performers dutifully serving as Kansas guitarists Rich Williams and Kerry Livgren.

What started as a seemingly straight-forward recreation turned bizarre as the frills on Corden's pink shirt began to spread over the rest of his outfit while Parsons' already shaggy mane expanded. By the end of the song, Corden was crooning in a flowing pink, frilly gown that even covered his face as Parsons was gracefully swinging his bow across his violin, looking like Uncle It from the Addams Family.