Watch Adam Devine's 'Beauty and the Beast' MTV Movie and TV Awards Opening Number

Josh Gad, Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld join 'Workaholics' actor for epic Disney-styled musical parody

Adam Devine opened the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards with an outlandish and timely Beauty and the Beast musical parody. Dressed as the titular beast – horns, fur and all – the Workaholics actor belted "Movies and TV," a satirical version of the Disney classic's grandiose theme song.

After a teaser introducing the "handsom-ish, youngish host," the comic star paraded onto an ornately designed stage (reminiscent of the Beast's lair), soundtracked by a brass fanfare. "Here's a big mindblower: We're awarding films and shows simultaneously," he sang, cementing the award show's new dual TV/movie format. After some prodding, Josh Gad, who plays LeFou in the film's blockbuster live-action remake, honored Hugh Jackman/Logan with a Broadway-styled tribute.

Several other actors joined in as Beast characters, including Hailee Steinfeld (as Belle) and Rebel Wilson (hilariously outfitted in a steaming teapot as Mrs. Potts). The production went jokingly awry after a fake fire broke out on the set, but Devine kept the party raging. The grand finale included some acrobatic aerial moves that admittedly caused the host "exercise-induced asthma."  Watch the opener now.