Mike Myers Talks Propecia, 'Boner Stuff' as Trump's Dr. Bornstein on 'Kimmel'

"So Jimmy, do you need any pills?" actor asks host

Mike Myers satirized President Trump's longtime physician Dr. Harold Bornsein in a hilarious sketch from Wednesday's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Mike Myers played Dr. Harold Bornstein, President Trump's hirsute physician, in a hilarious sketch from Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Bornstein first entered the public consciousness during the presidential election after signing off on a letter (allegedly Trump-dictated) proclaiming that the Republican candidate, if elected, "unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency." Bornstein reemerged this week, claiming that three of the president's aides staged a "raid" of the doctor's Manhattan office in February 2017 to remove Trump's medical files after Bornstein revealed to The New York Times that Trump took a drug to promote hair growth.

Myers' wacky Bornstein greeted Kimmel – or "Jimbo" or "Slim Jim" – with a salute reminiscent of his Trump letter: "May I say, in the long history of talk-show hosts, you are unequivocally the most virile and vigorous one of them all." Then he cut to the chase: "So Jimmy, do you need any pills? Uppers, downers, boner stuff? Is that bald spot still bothering you? How are the erections? Nice and firm? Need any boner stuff?"

The host questioned Bornstein about the alleged office raid, which the White House has since denied. "Do I look like a liar?" the doctor fired back. "No, I look like a troll, which hurts less when I say it first."

Kimmel asked about Trump's alleged Propecia use and "Bornstein" suggested there were deeper medical issues at play than hair loss. Between vape hits, the physician led his interviewer on a game of hot-and-cold to guess the mystery condition. When Kimmel guessed syphilis, Bornstein rang a bell. 

"Jimmy Cakes, I can't comment on a former patient's medical condition," Bornstein said. "That's private information – you should know that."