'Kimmel' Imagines Rodman, Busey as Trump's VP on 'Lie Witness News'

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ivanka Trump also up for the "job" in hilarious clip

'Kimmel' interviews voters on the street about how celebrities like Dennis Rodman and Gary Busey would fare as Trump's running mate.

As the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, voters are speculating who Donald Trump will choose as a running mate. Jimmy Kimmel hilariously offered numerous suggestions in a man-on-the-street-style segment of "Lie Witness News" Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The people interviewed made (relatively) solid cases for ridiculous candidates like Gary Busey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ivanka Trump. One man interviewed about Ivanka seemed sincerely hopeful that Trump's vice presidential pick was a riff on "take your daughter to work day." 

But the candidate that garnered the most genuine support was Dennis Rodman. One Polo-clad interviewee defended Trump's "choice" to run with Rodman, citing Rodman's unique diplomacy skills in North Korea. "It's a game-changer," said the man on Rodman as potential V.P. The staunch Trump supporter also wasn't phased when he was told Rodman and Trump got matching running mate tattoos.