Hear Wacky Rap Tribute to 'Stranger Things' Character Barb

"I'm sorry that monster rolled up on you so hard," Dr. Chorizo Productions lament on theme song remix

A YouTube comedy team offers a wacky rap tribute to Barb from 'Stranger Things'

Barb Holland – the bespectacled, mom-jeans-wearing sleeper star of Netflix's sci-fi/horror series Stranger Things – finally has her own theme song. As The Fader reports, YouTube comedy channel Dr. Chorizo Productions has paid respects to Shannon Purser's character with "R.I.P. Barb," a "sensitive rap tribute" to the nerd-queen that recycles S U R V I V E's spacey opening synth arpeggios.

The song's first verse sets up the Season One background ("Joyce is freaking out, trying to find her son/ Eleven's in the restaurant, stealing fries like a bum") before shifting focus to Barb. "I only got eyes for one chick," they group raps. "Barb looking sexy in those glasses and she's thick/ Nigga, I'm trying to hit!"

Later, they continue the Barb plot re-hash ("You got snatched and took to the Upside Down place/ Now you got weird shit crawling out your face") and iron home the track's surprisingly catchy hook: "R.I.P./ Rest in peace, Barb/ I'm sorry that monster rolled up on you so hard." Dr. Chorizo finish by pondering the character's future: "I'm sorry Nance is such a crap friend/ Will we see you next season?/ Stranger Things have happened"

Despite her limited screen time on the eight-episode first installment of Stranger Things, Barb has become a fan-favorite, spawning think-pieces, Buzzfeed lists and the popular hashtag #WeAreAllBarb.

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