Donald Glover, Beck Bennett Clash Over Dominoes in Goofy 'SNL' Promo

'Star Wars' actor will host show and perform as Childish Gambino

Donald Glover bashes Beck Bennett's domino surprise in a new 'Saturday Night Live' promo clip.

Donald Glover hates dominoes but loves weird jumping techniques. That's the bizarre premise of Saturday Night Live's hilarious promo clip for the actor-rapper's upcoming episode as dual host/musical guest.

The video opens with Beck Bennett excitedly showing off a grandiose domino arrangement to fellow cast member Chris Redd. "I'm really excited that Donald Glover is hosting," Bennett says, "so I stayed up all night building these dominoes for him." But the surprise topples over after Redd demonstrates a "new cool jump" and shakes the ground.

Glover strolls in, irritated that Bennett even attempted such a lame gift. "Hey Beck, what's that cool thing you wanted to show me?" he asks. "Are those dominoes? I hate dominoes. You should've told me they were dominoes." But he is impressed with a different surprise: Redd's odd leaping style.

Glover, who co-stars in the upcoming Star Wars spinoff Solo, will perform under his musical moniker Childish Gambino during Saturday's SNL