Worst TV Moments of 2014

From an 'SNL' sketch that was DOA to 'Adele Dazeem,' here were a few of television's low points over the past year

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The 'Couple' sketch on 'Saturday Night Live'

The most painful sketch on what, so far, has been a rather painful season. It's a bickering old couple — Chris Rock, the world's funniest man, alongside rookie cast member Leslie Jones — blowing their lines and missing their cues. There's one funny moment, as Rock defends his CD collection: "When the government shuts down the cloud, I'm-a have Luther!" But then Jones wanders into the next room, wanders back, looks around for a cue card; what follows is ten seconds of dead silence. By the time she finds the card (and flubs the line anyway), you've had plenty of time to wonder: Why is comedy booming on cable, on the web, everywhere except SNL?

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