Worst TV Moments of 2014

From an 'SNL' sketch that was DOA to 'Adele Dazeem,' here were a few of television's low points over the past year

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George Will Thinks Deep Thoughts in 'The Roosevelts'
George Will George Bridges/MCT/MCT via Getty Images3/5

George Will Thinks Deep Thoughts in 'The Roosevelts'

Sure, Franklin Delano Roosevelt burns with vitality and humor in the archival film footage. But alas, Ken Burns decided to make FDR a bit player in this documentary so he could devote more screen time to de facto narrator George Will, once the Reagan White House's smarmiest media fluffer. Will gushes like a lovesick Willard Scott ("the best New Deal program was Franklin Roosevelt's smile" — aaaaw!) and twinkles about the 32nd President's "Christian faith." It raises a question or two about Burns' decision-making acumen — and about reducing the documentary format to a stroke session for old cronies.

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