'Wet Hot American Summer' All-Star Roll Call: Then and Now

How the comedy MVP cast became huge since making the 2001 cult hit

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Joe Lo Truglio
Saeed Adyani/Netflix4/15

Joe Lo Truglio

Character: Neil, the camp nerd
Pre-WHAS: Most members of The State were fairly ordinary-looking, but Lo Truglio's squat frame, bug-eyes, and wiry energy made him a natural comic character actor, with a full dance-card even before this film came out.
Post-WHAS: He's continued to be a marvelous comedy utility player, capable of filling out an ensemble or just popping up to steal a scene or two. He's currently on the Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where his portrayal of fastidious foodie Charles Boyle plays hilariously off the shaggier Andy Samberg.

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