'Wet Hot American Summer' All-Star Roll Call: Then and Now

How the comedy MVP cast became huge since making the 2001 cult hit

David Wain
Saeed Adyani/Netflix1/15

David Wain

Character: Paco… and also the movie's director/co-screenwriter
Pre-WHAS: One of the driving creative forces of The State (and a part of the troupe since its inception as "The New Group" at NYU in the late 1980s), Wain was a familiar on-screen presence whenever the MTV series needed a nebbishy character...or someone overtly semitic.
Post-WHAS: The critical and commercial failure of Wet Hot American Summer didn't stall Wain's career momentum. He's gone on to write and direct several movies — including the sizable hit Role Models — and has been one of the masterminds of the Adult Swim series Childrens Hospital, where he occasionally plays the character "Rabbi Jewy McJewjew."

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