Tony Awards 2015's 12 Best and Worst Moments

From heartfelt speeches to cringeworthy musical numbers, the highs and lows of Broadway's awards extravaganza

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Worst: That Lost 'Finding Neverland' Number

We should've seen it coming when the distinctly un-Broadway trio of Jennifer Lopez, Nick Jonas and Canadian musician Kiesza — shilling for a tribute album — came out to introduce the J.M. Barrie origin-story musical that didn't net a single nomination. J. Lo awkwardly staring down a silent, grinning Peter Pan gave way to "Stronger," a supremely ridiculous, unwittingly campy number. “YOOOUUU COWARD!" bellowed a Captain Hook-ified Kelsey Grammer, while projected waves crashed in the background and nefarious organ chords played. Glee's Matthew Morrison rose from the stage fog and ripped open his shirt, singing about going "stronger" and "deeper" and "higher" in a way that cracked us up; we're pretty sure that wasn't the writers' intention. If this song was any indication, we'd think that Finding Neverland didn't so much get snubbed by the Tonys as quite rightfully ignored.

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