The Year in TV: 12 New Shows You Should Be Watching

From a brilliant sitcom from the '30 Rock' crew to the misadventures of a fake Diplo – these were the 2017 gems you need to catch up with

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Taylor Dearden (daughter of Bryan Cranston!) plays a tech-savvy stoner who teams up with an angry, agile sorority girl (Eliza Bennett) to get revenge for the rapes that their university prefers to ignore. If only this energetic, witty vigilante thriller had debuted on MTV last week! Given the current increased attention to sexual assault and campus politics, Sweet/Vicious might have become a cause célèbre, instead of getting lost in 2017's thicket of midseason newcomers. If there's any real justice, future generations of teens and young adults will make this offbeat quasi-superhero show a Veronica Mars-level cult classic. NM

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