The Year in TV: 12 New Shows You Should Be Watching

From a brilliant sitcom from the '30 Rock' crew to the misadventures of a fake Diplo – these were the 2017 gems you need to catch up with

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'Manhunt: Unabomber'

Here's how topsy-turvy TV is now: One of the year's best miniseries was made for the Discovery Channel of all places. Legit movie stars Paul Bettany and Sam Worthington play, respectively, infamous American domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski and the FBI profiler who helped bring "the Unabomber" down. Manhunt's structure, tone and sophistication compares well to director David Fincher's procedural masterpiece Zodiac, focusing on the details of a long investigation without sparing the moments of dark humor or the deep personal toll. But it also spends a lot of time with Kaczynski, explaining the social and family conditions that lead a man to become a serial murderer. NM

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