The Year in TV: 12 New Shows You Should Be Watching

From a brilliant sitcom from the '30 Rock' crew to the misadventures of a fake Diplo – these were the 2017 gems you need to catch up with

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Comedy Central
Most cable TV comedies drop improv-trained actors into flimsy scenarios and let them riff. Detroiters is different: It couches its silliness in a meaningful story, one with a pertinent POV. Sam Richardson (best-known as Veep's over-eager political savant Richard Splett) and Tim Robinson (formerly of SNL) play best friends who who run a low-rent ad agency in the Motor City, making amateurish commercials for wig shops and mirror stores. Their TV spots are hilariously dumb. Between the jokes, however, Richardson and Robinson have something inspiring to say about fighting to uphold the legacy of a great American metropolis and its people, after so many others have written them off. NM

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