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The Year in TV: 12 New Shows You Should Be Watching

From a brilliant sitcom from the '30 Rock' crew to the misadventures of a fake Diplo – these were the 2017 gems you need to catch up with

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'Big Mouth'

Oh, Hello's Nick Kroll and John Mulaney reunite for this animated riff on the censor-free hilarity and unfathomable horror of [dun-dun-DUN] puberty. A gaggle of their famous comedian friends lend their pipes to a middle school's worth of awkward teens; Kroll also voices the unforgettable Hormone Monster, a creature that appears to the boys when they think about sex (so basically 24/7). Even better: He lets Maya Rudolph one-up him as the female version of the same. A standout in a TV landscape now teeming with foul-mouthed toons, Big Mouth isn't just hysterically funny – it also subverts the American Pie­-ness of its concept with insightful commentary on sexuality and gender equality. All that, and Jason Mantzoukas making tender love to his pillow. BT

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