The Year in TV: 12 New Shows You Should Be Watching

From a brilliant sitcom from the '30 Rock' crew to the misadventures of a fake Diplo – these were the 2017 gems you need to catch up with

'At Home With Amy Sedaris'

It's hard to contain Amy Sedaris's bubbly hyperactivity and serrated edges within the square confines of a TV set. But At Home does the job, functioning as the quirky comedian's own Pee-wee's Playhouse: colorful, good-hearted and deeply, profoundly deranged. Inspired by those Martha Stewart DIY shows that make cooking and crafting seem effortlessly creative (and annoyingly impossible), each episode of this perverse parody of hostess culture starts out providing real tips for specific occasions, before spinning wildly out of control. Picture a how-to video with an actual plot … and then imagine that story being told by a well-meaning lunatic. NM