The Westeros Wing: Meet 'Game of Thrones' Real-Life D.C. Counterparts

How do the HBO show's power players stack up against Capitol Hill's heroes and villains?

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Arya Stark/Liz Warren
HBO; Rob Kim/Getty8/8

Arya Stark/Liz Warren

Two righteous crusaders, fighting a lonely battle against omnipresent evil that has destroyed everything they hold dear. The youngest Stark daughter is up against the Lannisters, who've systematically slaughtered her family; the senior Senator from Massachusetts is up against Wall Street and its GOP allies, who've systematically destroyed the American middle class. "People feel like the system is rigged against them, and here is the painful part — they're right, the system is rigged," Warren famously said, with a sense of resigned outrage the sword-wielding tween would certainly understand. And it's not hard to imagine Warren putting herself to sleep at night Arya-style, with a whispered roll call of the economic evildoers she will one day affix to the business end of her legislative broadsword.