The Real-Life Bros of 'Entourage'

Meet the dudes who inspired movie's Hollywood players and pals

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Vincent Chase (Mark Wahlberg)
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Vincent Chase (Mark Wahlberg)

How Similar Are They to Their Character?
Entourage was inspired by Wahlberg's arrival in Hollywood in the Nineties, but other stars shaped Chase too. Ex-HBO head Chris Albrecht said the character is "more Leonardo DiCaprio."

How Do They Feel About Their Portrayal?
"I will never own up to which bits are real!" Wahlberg has said. " 'Deny until you die' is my motto," adding that his experiences "were always a lot more dark and edgy."

Where Are They Now?
In addition to producing the Entourage movie, Wahlberg appears as himself in the film. In June, he'll reunite with cinema's favorite foul-mouthed stuffed bear for Ted 2.