The Real-Life Bros of 'Entourage'

Meet the dudes who inspired movie's Hollywood players and pals

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Turtle (Donnie Carroll)
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Turtle (Donnie Carroll)

How Similar Are They to Their Character?
Donnie "Donkey" Carroll was Wahlberg's childhood friend and occasional assistant. "The similarities really end at the name and the wardrobe," says Entourage creator Doug Ellin.

How Do They Feel About Their Portrayal?
Accuracy aside, Carroll was bitter about the show. "I've been by [Wahlberg's] side since Day One," he said in 2005. "And I got nothing [from Entourage]. Not 10 cents. Nothing."

Where Are They Now?
Carroll tried to make it as a rapper (his stage name was Murda One), but his hip-hop career never took off. In 2005, he died of a reported asthma attack at the age of 39.

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