The Real-Life Bros of 'Entourage'

Meet the dudes who inspired movie's Hollywood players and pals

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Johnny Drama (Johnny Alves)
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Johnny Drama (Johnny Alves)

How Similar Are They to Their Character?
Unrelated Wahlberg "cousin" and musician-actor Johnny "Drama" Alves has the outsize personality of Kevin Dillon's C-list stud. "He's definitely the closest [match]," Ellin says.

How Do They Feel About Their Portrayal?
Alves didn't just audition to play himself, he also tried out for the Ari Gold part. He didn't get either, but took it in Drama-esque stride. "Kevin did such a great job," he said.

Where Are They Now?
A father of three now living in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Alves was on the Wahlburgers reality show and fronts the funk band Johnny Drama and His Funky Entourage.

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