The Real-Life Bros of 'Entourage'

Meet the dudes who inspired movie's Hollywood players and pals

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E. (Eric Weinstein)
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E. (Eric Weinstein)

How Similar Are They to Their Character?
A former junkie, Weinstein met Wahlberg consulting for The Basketball Diaries, then became his assistant. But, Ellin says, "the show's E. is closer to Mark's manager, Steve Levinson."

How Do They Feel About Their Portrayal?
Weinstein has said that E. is more a reflection of the writers' personalities than his. Still, Weinstein added, "I love [actor] Kevin Connolly. He did a great job."

Where Are They Now?
Weinstein is still Wahlberg's right-hand man. He's even had small roles in several of the actor's recent movies, including Broken City, Ted and The Fighter.

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