The Mane Event: 'BoJack Horseman''s Cast on Their Favorite Sitcoms

The stars of Netflix's new animated series about a TV-star horse gush about the comedy shows that inspired them.

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Paul F. Tompkins on 'WKRP in Cinncinati'

"Oh, I loved WKRP in Cincinnati! In fact, I just re-watched the first season recently on Hulu and afraid that it wasn't going to hold up, but it holds up really well. In terms of the comedy, some of it comes from situations — it's a 'situation comedy,' after all. But I think in large part, [it's] from the characters. The jokes aren't just interchangeable with everybody; it's not like you can shift them around and it would be still work. A Herb Tarlek line wouldn't necessarily be that funny coming out of Les Nessman or Venus Flytrap's mouth."

"Everybody seemed like a grown-up – even the Bailey character seemed like a woman as opposed to girl, you know? And that's not really a thing that you see much anymore. With shows like WKRP or Barney Miller – I mean, look at the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine versus the cast of Barney Miller. It's astonishing. People that were on Barney Miller would just flat-out not be allowed on television today. Same with WKRP. Just a great show."

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