The Mane Event: 'BoJack Horseman''s Cast on Their Favorite Sitcoms

The stars of Netflix's new animated series about a TV-star horse gush about the comedy shows that inspired them.

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Aaron Paul on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

"If I had to pick one sitcom that just gives me so much joy every time I watch it, it'd have to say It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It reminds me of Seinfeld in a way, because that show had four people who were all messed up in one degree or another. Sunny has that same kind of feel, but the foursome on that show…they're just so much more fucked up! They really seem to have no morals whatsoever. Seinfeld at least had a laugh track…this show has no laugh track, which somehow makes everything they do seem that much worse [laughs]. It's just so funny."

"I'm jealous of Bryan Cranston, because he got to become a recurring character on Seinfeld. It's a dream of mine to do a guest spot on Sunny; if anybody from the show is reading this, I'm so up for it, man. Seriously. Call me."