The Mane Event: 'BoJack Horseman''s Cast on Their Favorite Sitcoms
BoJack (left, voiced by Will Arnett) and Todd (right, voiced by Aaron Paul) shoot the breeze in Netflix's 'BoJack Horseman'. Courtesy of Netflix

Back in the Nineties, BoJack Horseman had it all: success, stardom, the lead role on the sitcom Horsin' Around (imagine Who's the Boss or Charles in Charge, only starring a horse). After the show was cancelled, however, BoJack fell on hard times. Like many a narcissistic former TV icon, he's been living off the fumes of his fame for a while. Now, however, he wants to get back in the small-screen saddle. If he can just get that second great role, maybe he can move out of the messy apartment he shares with that twentysomething stoner and get back on top.

A landmark in bingeworthy stallions-behaving-badly TV comedies, Netflix's BoJack Horseman comes with an impressive pedigree: Arrested Development's Will Arnett voices the equine antihero, with Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Alison Brie (Community), Amy Sedaris (Strangers With Candy), Paul F. Tompkins (Mr. Show) and Patton Oswalt (The King of Queens) lending their voices to the animal and human characters who circle around BoJack in the show's warped version of Hollywood purgatory. Given that it's a satire of cheesy primetime comedies as much as showbiz types on the skids, we asked a few of the cast members and showrunner Raphael Bob-Waksberg wax poetic on their favorite sitcoms.