The Best TV of 2014 So Far

From purple weddings to female perps, Rob Sheffield lists the highlights of an already abundant year of great TV

'Silicon Valley' (HBO)
Jaimie Trueblood20/20

20. 'Silicon Valley' (HBO)

The eternal California dream: A group of bros head West to make it big in the software biz, with Hooli as a cleverly detailed caricature of the Google campus in Mountain View. Silicon Valley makes you root for these geeks, along with their charisma-free basket case of a guru, Peter Gregory — played by the late Christopher Evans Welch, who died during filming. The ever-hilarious Martin Starr flashes the same contemptuous glare he had as the "hard sci-fi" guy on Party Down. When one housemate tries to organize everybody's work habits, directing them to think of their "tasks" as "stories," Starr barks, "I've got a story: Why don't you choke on my balls?"