The Best TV of 2014 So Far

From purple weddings to female perps, Rob Sheffield lists the highlights of an already abundant year of great TV

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'Portlandia' (IFC)
Scott Green/IFC11/20

11. 'Portlandia' (IFC)

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen keep expanding their satire of the boho life — like the Firesign Theatre skewering hippie culture in the Sixties, the Portlandia jesters specialize in making fun of their only conceivable audience. Their fourth season was full of brilliant surprises, especially the return of Steve Buscemi, this time as a celery salesman desperate to make his vegetable as cool as kale. But he can't do it without Armisen's mysterious Bacon Guy, the kingpin who decides which vegetables get to be hip. As an FBI agent explains, "Corn used to be America's vegetable. And then along comes Bacon and makes every vegetable from zucchini to celery sexier than corn."

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