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Lily Rabe
Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice. Michael Becker/FX/Everett7/13

Lily Rabe

Season 3: Misty Day
Season 2: Sister Mary Eunice McKee
Season 1: Nora Montgomery

Bringing some serious theater chops and an impressive pedigree (her father is the Tony-winning playwright David Rabe; her mom was the late, great Jill Clayburgh) to the Horror-verse, Lily Rabe has been one of the show's best utility players: Her roles as "Murder House"'s ghostly former owner and "Asylum"'s emotionally disturbed nun have been series highlights. And her performance last year as a Stevie Nicks-obsessed white witch in "Coven" prompted multiple on-screen cameos by the rock icon, who performed several of her songs on the show.