Scary Monsters and Super Freaks: The All-Stars of 'American Horror Story'

As the fourth season of the popular TV horror anthology premieres, it's time to bone up on the show's returning players and MVPs

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Taissa Farmiga
Taissa Farmiga as Violet. Ray Mickshaw/FX/Everett3/13

Taissa Farmiga

Season 3: Zoe Benson
Season 1: Violet Harmon

Following in her older sister footsteps, (she actually played a younger version of her sibling Vera Farmiga's character in the latter's directorial debut Higher Ground), Taissa Farmiga is best known for her roles on AHS roles as the brooding teenage Violet Harmon in Season One's "Murder House" and on Season Three's "Coven" as a wholesome witch with an unfortunate affliction (i.e. her lady bits are deadly). She's sitting Season Four out, but her stellar performances on the show helped land her roles in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring (2013) and a soon-to-be released Warren Beatty project.

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