Scary Monsters and Super Freaks: The All-Stars of 'American Horror Story'

As the fourth season of the popular TV horror anthology premieres, it's time to bone up on the show's returning players and MVPs

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Frances Conroy
Frances Conroy as Myrtle. Michele K. Short/FX8/13

Frances Conroy

Season 4: Gloria Mott
Season 3: Myrtle Snow
Season 2: Angel of Death
Season 1: Moira O'Hara

Francis Conroy is best known for her SAG- and Golden Globe-winning performance as the Fisher matriarch on Six Feet Under, and this season she'll likely be channeling some of Fisher’s aloof tenderness for her role as "Freakshow"'s Gloria Mott, a painfully demure socialite and mother of bat shit-crazy Dandy Mott (played by AHS newcomer Finn Wittrock). Conroy has been a returning cast member since the show’s inception, playing the aging naughty housemaid Moira O'Hara on "Murder House," the Angel of Death on "Asylum," and the enigmatic witch Myrtle Snow on last season’s "Coven."

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