Scary Monsters and Super Freaks: The All-Stars of 'American Horror Story'

As the fourth season of the popular TV horror anthology premieres, it's time to bone up on the show's returning players and MVPs

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Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau. Michele K. Short/FX11/13

Angela Bassett

Season 4: Desiree Dupree
Season 3: Marie Laveau

The only woman who could out-Tina Turner the real Tina Turner, Oscar nominee Angela Bassett She made her AHS debut last season as cunning voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, which earned her an Emmy bid for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie (her co-star Kathy Bates took home the award). This season, Bassett joins "Freakshow" as Desiree Dupree, a saucy thrice-bosomed sideshow act. No word yet on what, if anything, love has to do, has to do with her role.

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