The 25 Greatest 'South Park' Moments – Updated

From singing poops to Scientologists – looking back on the hit Comedy Central show's most memorable (and memorably offensive) jokes

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The Dog Whisperer Tames Cartman (Season 10, Episode 7)
Comedy Central6/25

6. The Dog Whisperer Tames Cartman (Season 10, Episode 7)

Parker and Stone tackled the behavioral reality TV craze of the 2000s with this episode that goes from Super Nanny to The Dog Whisperer. Cartman's family starts by trying to get the former to bring some discipline to their rebellious brat but the fattest kid in South Park leaves the Super Nanny on the verge of sanity. Why not use the same techniques that Cesar Millan uses on dogs and train Cartman the same way you would a rambunctious puppy? Remember, it just takes a few "Tssts" to the neck, and voila! BT 

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